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We are  a 'mixed ability' group and encourage each other whenever possible. We want others to enjoy the creativity of painting, regardless of ability!  There is no hierarchy in the art group - the group is run and organised by ourselves with teams or volunteers when required. We are not a 'business' but a non-profit making art group.

Lifton Art Group was formed several years ago to encourage people who would like to create 'Art' (in various mediums) as well as for  artists who wished to work regularly alongside like-minded people.
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Currently normally we meet every Tuesday in the Lifton Community Centre from 1:30 to 4:30pm.  There is a small charge of £3.00 for each session, to cover the venue costs, and an Annual Insurance and Storage Contribution of just £8. <More Information>

Tea, coffee and biscuits (and often cake) are provided and members volunteer to take turns in making drinks and washing up.

Occasionally  we may arrange external visits to other Exhibitions. external drawing/sketching venues, etc. as well as inviting art tutors to provide workshops and demonstrations for which an additional charge is made. We organise regular in-house 'still life' displays for members to draw/sketch if they wish, as well as occasional 'three hour art challenges' which are tackled in a spirit of fun and ingenuity!  We also have an annual exhibition and sale of artwork.

Our venue  is Lifton Community Centre, which has a no smoking policy and we are expected to leave the Hall  in the condition in which we find it. 

A copy of the Terms and Conditions of Hire of the venue needs to be read and a signature is required from each member as to their acceptance and agreement.

 We do have a `Waiting List' for anyone wishing to join our group but this should not prevent anyone registering an interest by visiting us at the Community Centre

The above link takes you to a Query Form which you can use to contact our Group's Secretary

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