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    An Ian Grant Workshop 

    (9th Oct 2018)
    'Using Pastels'


    Iain's Background - Iain began painting in Oils which because of their (then) problems of drying time, smell, etc, became unsatisfactory, so switched to watercolour with which he then struggled for about 20 years. He nearly gave up when he stopped for a year or two before returning to studying with a Devon Artist who believed in working quickly, producing 3 paintings a day! Pastels have the reputation for a 'free and loose' style so he then gave them a try. 

     lain though likes all mediums but feels pastels are particularly good for softness and minimal hard lines. lain stressed that cheap pastels are messy and dusty but that with good ones there is a lot less mess, although that's not to say that a pack of 'wet-wipes' are not a necessary accessory when working with pastels!

    A large selection of materials and paper had also been brought by lain for members use.



    Ian outlined his plan for the day's workshop - commencing with a talk about materials, demonstrating one or two techniques, then a challenge from us for him to produce a painting in 20/30 minutes, followed by his challenge to us to do the same. 

    Following a lunch break we would then all did our own pastel works, either from our own reference material or from some of those lain had brought along.

    Link to Linda's Notes taken in respect of lain's Pastel Workshop
    NB Recommended books... 30 Minute Pastels by Margaret Evans (Collins)
    also 'Exploring pastels with Barry Watkin
    Link to Ian Grants's Website

    Notes by Linda & Images by WebArt-monkey

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