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A Gill Cairns Watercolour Workshop 
(18th June 2019)
Various Watercolour Flowers


Gill's workshop tutorial gave us a target of producing some beautiful watercolour flowers.
So to do this we needed the following.
NB  Materials List
... A4 watercolour paper or thick cartridge. paint brushes, Pallet knife, (to create spatters) watercolour tube paints:  Permanent Rose, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow & Prussian Blue. 
  Indian Ink, small stick (as drawing tool) , Nib pen.

Gill's teaching method was very efficient, in that she would call us all around her work area and give us step by step tuition. 
She demonstrated the initial laying down of the 'wash' areas on the painting, then how to use wet-in-wet techniques such as bleeding in complementary colour.
The Group would then be given several minutes to go and produce their own representation of the work .

Gill Cairns smiles

The 'students' were then called back to study the next stages.

Gill would , very comprehensively, explain the follow-on steps . Thus adding to the painting in steady stages so that the work developed in full detail in front of us, in a way that it was easy to take on board. This enabled us to go to our tables to further develop our pictures. 

Using his approach we were quickly obtained some very pleasing results. 

Throughout the workshop Gill was busily assisting us, making sure we built up our confidence in the methods and techniques shown.
It was obvious that Gill had not only mastered the the skill of flower painting but also great tutoring skills.
Explaining How

Putting into practice
As the session progressed the group were shown how to produce various watercolour flowers using a mixture of very interesting and clever techniques. So that those participating produced at least four paintings each.

Gill  was certainly a wonderful inspiration to the group
Dropping in colour
Using Gravity
Using gravity

Gill Cairns' Website
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Notes by Linda & Images by WebArt-monkey

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