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    A Colin Pethick Acrylics Workshop 
    (11th & 26th Nov 2019)
    'Wet Reflected Streets'


    One of Colin's sample paintings 

    Click images to enlarge and zoom-in on a new page

    This workshop continued the method of depicting Night Scenes

    Notes were not taken during these sessions ~ only the stages of artwork creation, by camera ~ If you would like to learn how these artworks were formed you could speak with other Members  or request a Workshop in the future, on the same or similar topic


    In Colin's first Workshop sessions, he handed out copies of the image he intended us to create over the two sessions and went on to demonstrate how to achieve the Wet Night Scene Street 
     At the Top of the our prepared Canvas, an illuminated Store Front


    Following this the base for the road/paved area is laid down 

    On the right you can see how the area in front of the window is lighter than the darkening  foreground 
    Click to enlarged on a new page

    During the demonstration our members worked on their own paintings


    Click to enlarge (new page)

    Further development followed  with the adding  of reflected light being cast from the shop front

    This led on to the final stage of adding a  figure that has an umbrella thus implying that there is rain

    With the final stages completed the result can be seen below

    Again clicking on any image will enlarge it, in a new page, and make it zoomable (use scroll-key)

    During the whole of the demonstration Members continued with their own version of the scene ...


    ...  a few examples produced by the end of the Workshop
    All images will open (enlarged & scalable) in a new window


    All images will open (enlarged & scalable) in a new window

    Images obtained by WebArt-monkey

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