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  • Lifton Art Group Art Exhibition 2019

    27th & 28th July 2019

    Great Social Meeting Place
    Open and Free to all ~ a Great Social Meeting Place
    Some of the Artwork Stands at the Event 2019
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    Heather & Jane
    Linda's Display
    Heather's & Jane's Display


    Gill's Display
    Sheila's Display


    Member Examples ~ Gill Cairns Workshop

    Barry's Display


    Member Examples ~ 
    Gill Cairns Workshop 

    Lifton School were invited to show some of their Artwork

    School Paintings 1
    School Paintings 2
    School Paintings 3

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    More examples of Members Work

    Susie's ~ Trustee Stead
    John's Display


    Public Admiring the Exhibits
    A Photographer captures the Displays
    Public admiring the Exhibits       
    A Photographer captures the Displays


    Peter's Display
    Debbie's Display

    Some of our members have Artworks for Sale at our Exhibitions
    Other Exhibits show results from Workshops or Personal Art Development 

    Sue's Display
    Maggie's Display


    'Venice in the Style of Turner' ~ Version One
    'Venice in the Style of Turner' ~ Version Two

    Two Member Examples from an Ian Grant Watercolour Workshop ... 'Venice in the Style of Turner'


    Dave & Margaret
    Dave's & Margaret's Display
    Pauline's Display

    Jen's Horses
    Jen's Display


    'Bluebell Woods' ~ Sandra Heard

    An excellent two day exhibition showing the work of our Group
    A big thank you to all involved, Exhibitors, Members of the Public and all who helped
    with the set-up and running of the Event

    All Photographs taken at the Exhibition and provided by John Shipston & Kerry Brux


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